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New Approaches to
Prevent Contraband

Mail screening for inter department mail

Complete Visibility.

Complete Control.

Personal and legal mail is a leading method of smuggling drugs and contraband into corrections facilities – no matter whether this is coming through the mailroom or an incarcerated person hand-carrying documents through intake areas. Standard screening approaches, such as physical inspection which requires opening the mail, put mail screeners and corrections officers at risk of exposure. If contraband makes its way into the prison population, searching for contraband in housing or personal items exposes staff to the same risks. The contraband detection process can be a time-intensive manual process that strains resources.

The traditional screening methods aren’t effective in detecting the most dangerous and elusive substances, making drug detection and thus building an effective contraband interdiction strategy difficult. They also can’t keep up with the evolving smuggling methods and the introduction of new substances like synthetic narcotics and chemical intoxicants. All of this contributes to staff injury, inmate violence, overdose, and even death.

Now there’s a better and safer way to detect contraband via object and mail screening. This new approach protects staff, maintains inmate privacy, and reduces screening time. Improve your drug and contraband detection with the use of MailSecur screening technology.


Adopt Cybersecurity Practices for Screening Efficiencies

Your e-mail is already being screened for viruses effectively – adopt similar approaches for physical mail and personal items. MailSecur allows corrections facilities to quickly clear objects, such as mail so that originals can be delivered without delay while suspect items are set aside for further investigation. Live 3D video of the inside of sealed objects aids in reducing screening time while improving contraband and drug detection.

Security icons with laptop
DOC officer using mail screening device for drug and contraband detection


Screening That Puts
Safety First

With MailSecur, operators see what’s inside mail, small parcels and soft objects – without opening them. Built upon safe, T-ray technology, MailSecur is hands-on as users hold the unopened item in the field of view for a live 3D video of concealed contents. This screening method provides the ability to move the object for alternate views of the contents, improving contraband detection of closed objects. T-ray technology also provides better drug detection, identifying drug-laced papers by detecting differences in the paper that occur when it dries.


Get Up to Speed Quickly.

Ongoing Expert Support.

Our comprehensive training services will put you on the path to becoming an expert in mail screening, contraband detection, and security. Our team of specialists, including former law enforcement narcotics agents, USPIS dangerous mail inspectors, and military-trained explosive ordnance device disposal experts, will handle it all, from deployment to ongoing training and support. We aim to assist your corrections facility’s contraband prevention and interdiction strategies through onsite, remote, and web-based training options. The MailSecur team is on call 24×365 to provide image analysis or a second expert second opinion in mail screening results and suspected contraband detection.


Drug and Contraband Detection in Inmate Mail

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