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Detection of Drugs and Contraband

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Officer screening mail

Evolving Drugs and Contraband are a

Top Detection Concern

Conventional mail screening approaches aren’t effective at detecting the types of smuggled drugs and contraband that corrections facilities face. 

Criminals continually change the narcotic chemistry, and introduce chemical intoxicants, like household cleaners or methods of smuggling to avoid drug detection. In addition to these shortcomings, privacy and confidentiality protections afforded inmate mail, especially legal and privileged mail, further compound the issue.  


Narcotics and Synthetics Can't Hide

RaySecur’s MailSecur drug detection solution allows corrections staff to detect the smallest, hardest-to-find drugs that X-ray and other screening techniques can’t find. Drug detection can be performed without the need to open personal and legal mail–helping to keep officers, staff, and inmates safe. 

  • Drug-laced papers: K2/K3, spice, THC, Raid and methamphetamines, fentanyl, other narcotics, and chemicals 
  • Suboxone Strips: concealed in letters, magazines, newspapers, and behind stamps and return labels 
  • Powder or liquid forms: methamphetamines, opioids, cocaine, heroin, and synthetic marijuana 
Icons for narcotics
Icons for contraband


Find Dangerous Items - Before They Enter Your Facility

While drugs are a real concern, they’re not the only one. Inmates also try to get their hands on weapons, electronic components, and other contraband—increasing the overall risk. With mobile screening ability, you can detect contraband within the mailroom, housing units, and at intake.

MailSecur can detect contraband, including: 

  • Cell phones 
  • SIM cards 
  • Storage devices 
  • USB connectors 
  • Currency 
  • Sharps and other types of weapons 
Detection technologies



Detection vs. Identification

Airport security checkpoints have been screening passengers and their luggage to keep threats off airplanes for decades. The first step in the screening process is detection – whether mmWave body scanner or metal detector for people, or X-ray to screen luggage. Only if anomalies are detected do passengers and their luggage undergo a second screening step using identification technology, whether ion scanners or other trace detection systems. 

Screening mail for corrections is no different. MailSecur T-ray technology delivers advanced visual inspection capabilities at 10x higher sensitivity than mmWave scanners used at airports. The result? Most of the normal mail can quickly be cleared for drug and contraband detection, then delivered in its original unopened form to its recipient. Only a small fraction of suspect items need to be quarantined and subject to secondary identification screening. 


Committed to Your Success

Services Designed for Corrections

Improving your inmate mail screening and keeping your facility safe are our top priorities. This is why our services team is comprised of former law enforcement narcotics and military threat experts. They are your dedicated resources for training, support, and detection analysis. 

Services include everything you need to get up and running with drug and contraband detection. Our team provides onsite or remote training and continuous education on emerging threats and best practices. Count on our 24×365 expert support for a real-time second opinion or analysis. 


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