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T-ray Screening Technology

Detect More Drugs
and Contraband
Reduce Screening Time


Simple, Intuitive and

Trusted Solution

The MailSecur system displays real-time 3D video of the concealed contents and allows the operator to freely manipulate any mail item to gain alternate views. Drugs and contraband are smuggled in all types of objects being sent into corrections facilities, including personal and legal mail, and MailSecur screens them all. Letters, cards, magazines, newspapers, and other packaging – can all be screened for drugs and contraband without the need to open them. T-ray technology is safe for the operator and eliminates the need for radiation permits, licensing, safety programs, and specialized training needed for X-ray scanners. The ease of T-ray technology contributes to its effectiveness as a solution for enhancing the safety of corrections officers and improving inmate security.

MailSecur is designated as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) by the US Department of Homeland Security under the Safety Act and is deployed at Fortune 500 corporations as well as federal, state, and local government agencies.

MailSecur T-ray Product Overview

Detect mail threats that other screening technologies miss.

Quick, Accurate Detection of the Hardest-to-Find Substances

Corrections officer safety and inmate security can be impacted by drug and contraband screening procedures. MailSecur’s T-ray screening technology detects threats that other screening technologies may miss.

Firearm mail screening
Weapon icon


Firearms, including components, subsystems, and ammunition.

Contraband knife in box
Contraband knife icon


Dangerous Contraband - Sharps, currency, weapon components, and other items

Gloves opening mail for drug detection
Thumbprint icon

Electronic Components

Electronics Contraband - Including cell phones, SIM cards, storage devices, and connectors

Drug laced paper image from mail screening
Drug laced icon

Drug-laced Papers

Papers sprayed with K2/K3, THC, Raid, and other narcotics and synthetic compounds

Gloves opening mail for drug detection
Suboxone strips icon

Suboxone Strips

Suboxone Strips - Concealed in letters, magazines, newspapers, and behind stamps and return labels

various contraband displayed on table
Powder icon

Powder or Liquid Forms

Powder or Liquid form of drugs - Methamphetamine, opioids, cocaine, heroin, and synthetic marijuana


Drug and Contraband Screening Doesn't Just

Happen in the Mail Room

One of the benefits of T-ray imaging is that it can be used for so much more than mail screening. Staff is kept safe during the T-ray drug and contraband screening due to the ease of screening while packages are sealed. Our mobile solutions deliver over 24 hours of cordless run-time with an additional battery pack and integrated mobile screening system.

Drug and Contraband Screening Use Cases:

  • Mailroom: Screen personal and legal mail
  • Housing Units: Screen pillows, clothing, shoes, etc.
  • Intake: Screen legal documents and court files
Mail screening device on cart
Corrections officers training for drug and contraband screening


Ongoing Training,

Solution Support, and Response

With RaySecur, you’re not alone in improving your interdiction strategies and strengthening inmate security, no matter whether you need drug and contraband screening, training support for new staff, or expert analysis of a suspect item. You have on-demand, 24×365 access to our team of former law enforcement narcotics experts, USPIS dangerous mail inspectors, and military EOD technicians. There is no additional charge for ongoing screening support; it is included with our standard and premium service packages.

MailSecur Overview



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