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Corrections officers training for drug and contraband screening


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To Work for You

RaySecur not only has vast experience working with corrections facilities, but we have on-staff experts with extensive careers previously working as narcotics detectives, law enforcement officers, military explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), as well as US Postal Inspectors (USPIS). Our comprehensive training programs are specifically designed for corrections staff to get up to speed quickly, improve their mail screening processes, and benefit from accepted best practices. 


Skilled Instructors. Best Practices. Continuous Education

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Select the Training
That Best Suits You

When it comes to screening, no two corrections facilities are the same. With different processes, staff roles and responsibilities, and requirements related to processing incoming legal and personal correspondence, each facility needs to establish and support unique mail screening processes.

This is why training can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach – and why RaySecur delivers the flexible training options you need to successfully detect contraband and drugs. Whether you’re looking for live training, on-demand classes, remote learning, or role-based courses, we can deliver everything you need to make your training 100% successful.


Stay Current. Stay Safe.

Whatever training you need or options you choose, RaySecur will help you stay on top of an evolving risk landscape. Our training programs are continually updated, covering screening techniques to detect emerging avenues of smuggling as part of a complete interdiction strategy. We partner with corrections facilities to update their mail security processes stay up-to-date with best practices as their needs evolve. We can even provide that second set of eyes you might need to make your screening processes more effective.

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Developing Detection Experts – Mail Screening and more

All of our training is supported by a comprehensive testing and certification program, ensuring corrections staff are performing at the highest level. All new screeners undergo red-team testing, the culmination of their training program, providing supervisors and management with a quantitative test report of each screener’s detection accuracy with fifty randomized mail samples. All screeners are re-certified on an annual basis, and RaySecur can support blind randomized testing of sites as needed. Not only does this create a staff of power users, but it minimizes the ramp-up time for future mail screeners for effective contraband detection. 


Real-time Intelligence

Stay at the forefront of new and emerging trends with timely intelligence reports delivered right to your inbox, cataloging current events from around the country each month. Lessons learned, best practices, and new tips and tricks are featured in our quarterly corrections webinars, designed to enhance your interdiction programs through effective mail screening and contraband detection. Our annual mail threat report is the only comprehensive report of its kind summarizing mail smuggling trends and interdiction data from around the country and the world. 


Access Training Materials

Anywhere, Anytime

On-demand access to training materials is easy. With every software update, new training materials are installed directly on the MailSecur unit. 

In addition, our web-based learning management system provides the most up-to-date mail screening and contraband detection materials. Attainable anywhere with an internet connection, you can take your training to a new level, freshen up your skills, or easily onboard new team members. 

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