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Mail Screening

Find Substances Other
Screening Technologies Miss

Person manually screening mail

The Need for Better

Screening Methods

Corrections facilities face complex challenges when it comes to detecting drugs and contraband in people under their care mail. 

  • Risk of staff exposure to dangerous substances.
  • Approaches that aren’t suited for today’s or tomorrow’s threats. 
  • Maintaining confidentiality when handling legal and privileged mail. 
  • Limited time and real resource constraints. 
  • High mail volume and the need to process it quickly

All of this adds up to real mail screening and security concerns.  


Today's Mail Screening Methods Fall Short

Despite their reputation for being highly secure and “locked down,” nearly every prison, jail, and corrections facility faces an increased influx of illicit drugs and contraband that are smuggled through postal mail.  

Traditional mail screening approaches and techniques, such as visual inspections, lightboxes, and X-ray imaging, are highly ineffective as drug detection devices. They don’t make enough of an impact to stem the tide and leave officers, staff, and inmates vulnerable to real risks – all while spending a vast amount of time and expense on screening.

Gloves opening mail for drug detection
Inmate mail like email flow chart


Detect Physical Mail Threats Like E-Mail Threats

It just makes sense to process inmate mail like e-mail. When screening e-mails for cyber threats, normal messages pass through without delay, while suspect e-mails are quarantined for further inspection. The same can be done for physical mail.

T-ray systems improve mail screening and work as drug detection devices. With 3D video and hands-on screening, this method allows operators to quickly screen and clear normal, unopened mail in a matter of seconds. MailSecur reduces screening time, protects mail screeners from exposure risk, and maintains the inmate’s privacy and confidentiality.


Screen an Incarcerated Person’s Mail -
Without Opening It

Regardless of the substance smuggled inside the mail, MailSecur works as a drug detection device, highlighting drug-laced papers, suboxone strips and even the smallest quantities of liquids, powders, drugs. Electronics, sharps, contraband, and other suspicious items are also detectable.

With advanced T-ray technology, corrections officials can accurately find drugs and contraband inside inmate mail. MailSecur systems are 300x more sensitive than X-rays at detecting powders and liquids and provide a live 3D video view of the concealed contents. Paper drugs, are detectable as the T-rays interact with the abnormal paper providing a clear visualization of the tampering.

Man inspecting mail for drugs and contraband


Use Case: The Legalities of
Inmate Mail Screening


A Mail Screening Technology

That Pays You Back - In Spades

Given all the ways that an overdose or injury can cost you – medical treatments, workers’ compensation claims, and lawsuit settlements – they present significant financial risk. Proper drug detection devices can minimize risks and provide cost savings and efficiency gains.

MailSecur delivers a mail-screening solution that delivers real ROI.  

  • Staff safety – Reduce workers’ compensation and injury claims
  • Free up staff – Labor savings
  • Inmate safety – Drug-related costs

Ready to Detect More Drugs and Contraband?