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Contraband Detection

Extends Beyond Drugs

Phones and other contraband on table

Presents a Real Risk

Unfortunately, contraband continues to flow into jails and prisons. Items range from cell phones and SIM cards to data storage devices and even sharps and weapons components. Not only does this enable criminal activity behind bars, but it subjects officers, staff, and the entire facility to preventable risks.

Despite the best of intentions, corrections facilities that employ conventional screening approaches for mail, intake, and housing will continue to struggle with contraband prevention. Older technology for contraband screening provides limited abilities to detect weapons, micro-electronics, currency and other harmful substances smuggled into the facility. 

A Wide Range of Dangerous Substances and Contraband Detection

MailSecur has long been used by leading government agencies and corporations to detect potential mail-based threats, including electronics, data storage drives, weapons, sharps, small explosive devices, and other illicit goods. Corrections needs for drug and contraband detection are very similar.  

Commonly smuggled in fraudulent legal mail, tiny cell phones, SIM cards, razor blades, and data storage devices may evade conventional contraband detection devices and present screening challenges. 

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Prevent Contraband with MailSecur:


Electronic Components

SIM Cards, USB connectors, small chargers, SD cards, and other data storage devices

Cell Phones

Tiny phones less than the size of a quarter and electronic communication devices 


Monetary instruments, including cash and credit cards, among others 

Sharps and Other Weapons

Razor blades, needles, weapons components, and related items 


"See Inside" Objects
Without Opening the Mail

With MailSecur, corrections officers and screening staff can use safe T-ray technology to “see inside” objects and move through the screening process much faster. This also drastically reduces the risk of staff exposure since mail items don’t need to be opened for screening. 

The operator sees a live 3D video of the internal contents to detect contraband. The operator can freely manipulate the objects to gain alternate views, allowing them to see even the smallest of contraband. Examples include nano SIM cards, micro-USB connectors, SD cards, razor blades, cell phones, and other prohibited items. This advanced imaging capability is built on safe T-ray technology that allows for a detailed inspection in a matter of seconds. Using T-ray screening for contraband prevention is markedly different from other screening technologies, like X-ray, which uses harmful radiation and requires specialized training and certification to interpret the 2D scans accurately. 

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