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Use Cases

Prison Smuggling Occurs
Outside of the Mailroom

Flexible. Scalable. Mobile.
Screen Inmate Personal Items

T-rays are safe for the operator and eliminates the need for radiation permits, licensing, and safety programs needed for traditional X-ray scanners.  By placing an object, clothing, bedding, toiletries in the field of view operators “see inside” with a live 3D video and can manipulate the item to gain alternate views. MailSecur is a fully mobile screening solution when used with optional plastic cart and battery pack. 

Inside of housing of corrections facility

Screen More Than Mail

Each day, corrections staff are called upon to search areas throughout the facilities to determine the presence of drugs and contraband concealed in everyday items, from bedding and clothing to food items, toiletries, and more. These searches may include inmate intake areas and housing units.  

Without a better solution, searches for prison smuggling predominantly rely on manual inspection, supported by K-9 teams in some cases. Cell searches, in particular, can result in significant disruption with limited success, as small quantities of drugs, treated papers, and even miniature electronics and SIM cards may evade manual inspection processes.


Intake Areas Have

Similarities to Legal Mail

Incarcerated individuals with active court cases or appeals proceedings are frequently transported outside of the facility to court and to meet with their lawyers. Outside contact increases the possibility of inmates reentering the facility with drugs or contraband – often concealed in legal files and documents, which are privileged and afforded the same protections as legal mail correspondence.  

Outside of inbound mail, inmate intake areas are the next likely place for smuggling drugs and contraband to enter the facility. This requires a portable screening solution that can inspect items brought back to the facility, such as legal documents or court files, without the need to open the items, maintaining inmate privacy and confidentiality. Because of the legal nature of the materials, the screening must conform to the same requirements laid out for Legal Mail Screening.

Hallway of corrections facility
Two inmates behind bars


Housing Units Pose

Unique Challenges

Once drugs and contraband are smuggled into a prison, they will make their way into an inmate’s cell. Detecting and confiscating these items means searching through an inmate’s property (clothing, bedding, toiletries, food, and other personal items) to find drugs and contraband that are increasingly hidden in smaller quantities. With so many different types of objects with different textures and substrates, effectively finding smuggled contraband with manual inspection techniques is challenging within a reasonable amount of time. 

Intake screening icons


Mobile, Flexible

Screening is Critical

Luckily, T-ray technology provides the flexibility to screen much more than mail.  As long as the T-rays can penetrate an object, MailSecur will serve up a live 3D image of whatever is inside. The only restriction being electrically conductive objects like metal that T-rays cannot penetrate. This makes quickly screening a variety of objects to find concealed drugs and contraband, even in very small amounts, easier and more effective. 

MailSecur is a fully mobile screening solution, making it the ideal option for corrections facilities with wider screening needs. The MailSecur mobile imaging system enables cordless operation with up to 30 hours of battery run-time to support screening when and where you need it within your facilities. The mobile T-ray imaging system is seamlessly integrated into a plastic, industrial-grade cart, providing an extended work surface to support a wide range of screening applications. The rugged cart is also outfitted with pneumatic wheels for multi-surface maneuverability. Similar to the desktop version, the mobile system supports local video and imaging data collection to catalog evidence. It also includes full reach-back capabilities to RaySecur’s subject matter experts on demand.

Mobile screening infographic
Corrections facility view through fence


Corrections Threat Alert

Review of open-source dangerous substances and contraband incidents impacting prisons and jails.

RaySecur quarterly mail security bulletin catalogs open-source mail incidents reported at correctional facilities nationwide.

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